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It is quick to easily access your PLANET IP surveillance camera over both mobile .. ICA-HM ICA ICA • ~mm vari-focal, auto-iris lens. Compact and Cost-effective p Outdoor Surveillance. PLANET ICA PoE IP Camera provides high resolution images for round-the- clock surveillance. ICA 1. p IR Dome PoE IP Camera. Compact and Cost-effective PLANET ICA PoE IP Camera delivers excellent picture quality in p Full HD . ICA 5. Related Products. ICA p IR Bullet PoE IP Camera.

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Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera Driver

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Its outdoor and handy features enable you to easily install the camera in Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera public areas, such as buildings, gardens, parking areas, markets, balconies, railway stations and hospitals. The camera is able to maintain clear images 24 hours a day. Exceptional Image Quality Together with powerful image processing attributes like Wide Dynamic Range and Dimensional Noise Reduction technology, the ICA is able to filter the intense backlight surrounding a subject and remove noises from video signal.

The opposite point is called the south pole.

Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera Drivers for Windows 10

Only one half of the celestial sphere Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera visible at one time above the horizon, but this spherical surface extends beneath the horizon, and forms a complete sphere, encompassing us on all sides, while its center seems to be occupied by the earth. On this a rtificial globe certain line. Tlhe axis of the heavetns is an im;,giniary ]ine paissin throught tle center of the earthl, and about whicht Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera hetavenis appear to revolve onc in ttwenty-four hours.

Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera Theseo ii mptortalnt litnes Ihave beeln emtployed ifom thl carlliest ages in the study of the heavenly bodies, dttl hlaving thoroughly mastered their m. Xiii may be discovered among the vast multitude of shining bodies which go to fill up the concave of the celestial sphere. THE sun is beyond comparison the grandest of all the celestial orbs, of -which we have any positive knowledge.

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The inexhaustible source of the heat which warms and vivifies the earth, and the origin of a perpetual flood of light, which, flying with incredible velocity in all directions, illumines the planets and their satellites, lights up the eccentric comets, and penetrates even to the. On the approach of the sun to the horizon in the early dawn, his coming is announced by the gray eastern twilight, before whose gradual increase the brightest stars and Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera the planets fade and disappear.

This magnificent spectacle of the sunrise, together with the equally imposing scenes which sometimes accompany the setting sun, must have excited the curiosity of the very first Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera of the earth. This curiosity led to a-more careful -examination of the phenomena attending the rising and setting sun, when it was discovered that the point at which this great orb made his appearance was not fi'ed, but was slowly shifting on the horizon, the change being easily detected by the observation of a few days.

While this motion continues, the sun, at noon, when culminating on the meridian, reaches each day a point less elevated above the horizon, and the diurnal arc or daily path described by the sun grows shorter and shorter. At length a limit is reached; the point of sunrise ceases to advance toward Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera south, remaining stationary a day or two, and then slowly commences its return toward the north.

Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera This northern movement continues; each day the sun mounts higher at his meridian passage, the diurnal arc above. Here he becomes stationary for one or two days, and then commences his return toward the south. I7 un thetir cycles, and by their 1union have wrouht out the chainges of thle -year.

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Their diurnat l are renmined tbrever the samel, and the amount of time they retatinlled above thti horizon depended on their dista nce froml' the north polar point. Observatiotn hvint g thus revealed the fact that the stun was lundoubtedly movinfg alternately norith altnd southt,t more critical research stolwed thte elqually important truthi that this great luminary was slowly shifting it.

Planet IP Camera ICA P IR Bullet PoE

Here was the first great problem offered for solution to the old astronomers. The facts and phenomena were carefully studied, and the reader may now exercise his own power of thought in an effort to explain the facts recorded, before accepting the solution we are about to present.

An examination of the points of rising, of culmination, and of setting, of the fixed stars, showed them to be absolutely invariable, and in case these glittering points could leave behind them, in their diurnal revolution, lines of silver light, sweeping upward from their point of rising to the meridian, and Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera to the point of setting, these lines of light would be seen to be parallel circles.

All the stars north of the equinoctial in the region of the earth we inhabit describe diurnal circles, of which more than one half is above the horizon, while all the stars south of the same line sweep round in circles, of which less than half lies above the same plane. Any star, precisely on the equinoctial, half way between the north and south poles, passes one half its revolution above and the other half below the horizon.

These facts being carefully noted, it was seen that in case the sun, on any day of its annual journey, chanced to coincide with a fixed star, Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera for that day the sun and star would describe the Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera diurnal circle, and would remain above the horizon an equal length of time.

I't id int this investitgation, asl well as for sone othlier piri: If on the samee day twe lnot carefilly the length of the shadow of the gnomon a. Mtarkl the point wher the shortest Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera, anJ d the line joining. By a c eti'l xamsination it was discovered that thel noon shadowti on tihe day of the winter, so'slice or southern limit always fell on tlhe samo point.

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The same was true of the noon sltadow on thte. It was Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera discovered, tlht selectipng anty Planet ICA-3150 IP Camera in the year, the noon shadow for tlhat day invariably f ll on the same point as it haId done on preceding yeairs; and henlce it becamclne m1anifest t that te stl's track amtong tie stlars ditid not chanqte finom year to ye a'.

This is readily seen from tlhe subjoined figure

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