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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset Driver

The Turtle Beach X wireless headset ($ on Amazon) is built for serious Xbox One gamers, offering rich surround sound and fully. Brace your ears for the game-changing DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound and Superhuman Hearing™ in the Turtle Beach® Elite X headset. The Elite. This black and green Turtle Beach Elite X Xbox gaming headset has 50mm speakers and a noise cancelling microphone. Free delivery available at

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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset Driver

The Elite offers a wealth of sound presets -- including Superhuman Hearing for getting the jump on your enemies -- and doubles as a Bluetooth headset for mobile devices. Design The Turtle Beach Elite x is a gaming headset aimed at the classy crowd.

Instead of assaulting wearers with Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset colors and bulky shapes like most of the competition, the Elite sports an elegant, curvy construction that could be mistaken for a high-end pair of headphones. The Elite's all-black design is highlighted by strips of silver on each side of its soft-touch band, which can be raised up to about an inch for bigger heads. A subtle stripe of Xbox-green wraps around the headset's pleather-coated ear cups, which can rotate 90 degrees to be laid flat on a table.

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The headset's microphone is built into the ear cups, which adds to the Elite's pleasingly seamless design. The Elite's outer ear cups are host to an array of on-ear controls, with switches for adjusting mic volume, muting the mic and changing sound presets on the right side, and ones for volume control, power and Bluetooth on the left. The controls are laid out in diamond formation on each ear, with tactile Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset next to each function that make them easy to find while wearing the headset.

Best Gaming Headsets The Elite's glossy, reflective ear cup covers are prone to fingerprint smudges, but you don't have to keep the ones that come out of the box. Turtle Beach's headset connects wirelessly to your Xbox Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset via a transmitter box, which doubles as an attractive charging stand. Comfort The Elite's synthetic leather, memory foam ear cups and inner headband are generally cozy, but I had to give my ears occasional breaks from them during long sessions.

The over-ear cups Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset snug enough to fit firmly and seal in sound, but, even after adjusting the headset, they felt just a bit too tight against my head. This was especially evident after wearing the Elite for hours at a time, as I felt my cramped ears expanding back to their normal state every time I took the headset off. I also prefer the A50s plush ear cups, which gave my ears far more breathing room than the Elite's pleather ones.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset Last

Sound Performance Offering 7. The Elite made an excellent competitive companion for my Halo: The Master Chief Collection shootouts.

I could pinpoint exactly where enemy gunfire, grenades and footsteps were coming from. The sounds of flying bullets and bomb explosions were punchy and detailed, and I could easily make out background noises, such as blowing wind and running water. Our Favorite Xbox Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset Games The Elite's slick sound distribution translated well to the atmospheric action-adventuring of Middle-earth: I could clearly hear my orc adversaries talking smack from a distance.

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When I got the jump on them, the sounds of stabbing and slicing them to oblivion was mighty satisfying. The headset continued to impress when I switched gears to the high-speed racing of Forza Horizon 2: Every sound produced by my reckless driving was ear-pleasingly crisp, from the screeching of rubber to the revving of my engine to the thud of my car hitting a street light. When I had Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset put my controller down Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset do some dishes, the Elite X became a dependable pair of Bluetooth headphones for my iPhone.

How to properly connect Xbox and TV to Turtle Beach Elite x headset? : xboxone

The Elite highlighted the furious distorted guitars and aggressive vocals of heavy rock tracks from Silverstein, and gave some serious bounce to the thumping bass and raspy rapping of Kendrick Lamar's "King Kunta. Too Many Modes The Elite offers a total of 18 sound presets across four modes.

Some gamers might love such a wealth of options, but I was a little overwhelmed by them, especially when some presets didn't seem necessary. The headset's Game Mode consists of six presents: Superhuman Hearing is the clear star of the show here -- when playing Halo, the preset amplified the sounds of faraway gunfire and enemy movement that would normally get lost in the more bass-heavy Signature Sound mode. While Superhuman Hearing definitely serves its purpose, I couldn't help but Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset that some of the other settings should have been combined.

Shooter, Superhuman Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset and Footstep Focus modes do have their differences -- shooter mode amps up low-end sound while Footstep Focus, as its name suggests, highlights footsteps -- but I wish they could have been combined into a single preset for giving players a competitive edge.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review - Wireless Bliss

The preset options for the headset's Movie and Music modes are more straightforward by comparison, each offering a version of Signature Sound in addition to genre-specific profiles. Movie mode's action, horror and drama presets are built to highlight explosions, faint noises and dialogue, respectively, while Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset mode's stadium, acoustic and dance presets are designed to accommodate live music, intimate tracks and club songs.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset Drivers for Windows Mac

You can also opt to disable surround sound in stereo mode, which includes options for boosting bass, treble and voice.

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